Now you can get the whole story on your potential renters within minutes for only $35!

If you’re an independent landlord, you may have been able to access a credit score or possibly a generic recommendation for tenant screening in the past.  But these limited tools often leave out critical information that can affect your leasing decisions.  Information Enterprises is proud to partner with TransUnion to bring you a new web-based screening solution that provides independent landlords with access to the same screening tools used by the largest property management companies.

Quick access—no waiting for approval, no additional documentation necessary

Comprehensive data—full access to credit and criminal reports

Flexible terms—pay-per-use, no set-up fees, no minimums

Prompt results—custom report & leasing recommendation in minutes

Choice of who pays—you or the renter

Joint-tenant recommendations— single recommendation for joint renters and co-signers

Take a smarter approach to screening potential tenants
Our solution is designed specifically for independent landlords and smaller property management groups.  This system combines powerful analytics with a comprehensive database of credit and criminal background information to offer you the same technology used by the largest property management firms in an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution.

Register and begin in minutes
There’s no lengthy enrollment process, you don’t have to provide documentation or wait for approval. Just create an account and consent to the electronic agreements then conduct your screening on an as-needed basis. You also have the option of managing the cost yourself or allowing the applicant to pay for the screening directly.

The industry’s first web-based rental screening solution
Unlike traditional screening methods, our solution is all online, for you and the tenant. Once you create an account, all you need to get started is your potential tenant’s email address.

Here is how it works – Simply log in and send your potential tenant an electronic request from your account. Once the applicant securely verifies his or her identity, TransUnion delivers a comprehensive, screening recommendation and search results directly to your account within minutes.

SmartMove® offers quick access to tenant screening tools that leverage one of the largest credit and criminal databases in the industry.

Not only do landlords get the information they want, it also benefits the renter as potential renters gain the security of verifying their personal information directly with TransUnion—a trusted credit reporting company that already manages their credit files safely.

TenantScreeningUSA.com provides:

  • Immediate access—no waiting for approval, no documentation necessary
  • Pay only when you use—no set-up fees, no minimums
  • Prompt results—custom report and leasing recommendation in minutes
  • Choice of who pays—you or the renter
  • Joint-tenant recommendations—single recommendation for a group of joint renters

Create an account today and simplify your screening process—saving you time and resources.

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TenantScreeningUSA.com uses the TransUnion SmartMove® platform to give customers a powerful tenant screening solution that is easy to use. Customers can pay as they go and get the customized reports they want along with recommendations they can trust.