About Information Enterprises, Inc and TenantScreeningUSA.com

Start taking advantage of modern day background screening tools with TenantScreeningUSA.com an Information Enterprises online tenant screening solution.

Information Enterprises, Inc. is a national public records provider that specializes in creating customized websites that specifically address a certain target market and then formats its information reports according to the demands of each of those markets.

TenantScreeningUSA.com was created in partnership with TransUnion using their SmartMove technology to meet the modern day tenant screening needs of landlords and apartment managers.

TenantScreeningUSA.com’s suite of online screening tools include credit-based leasing recommendations, a viewable credit report, credit score, national criminal history reports, national sex offender checks, renter fraud warnings and automated renter identity verification. These tools help landlords and apartment managers make fast, confident and intelligent leasing decisions.

To learn more about other Information Enterprises solutions, Visit us online at:  www.InformationEnterprises.com